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Aseptic packing machine

ASEPTA 5000 and ASEPTA 1000 is a semi-automatic aseptic packing machine for liquid and semi-liquid products also containing solids (fruit – plums, cherries, strawberries etc.). Products are aseptically packed in the Bag in Box system. Asepta is used to pack juice, paste, juice and vegetable concentrate, yoghurt, milk and ice mass.

ASEPTA is used to fill 5-20 l, 200 l and 1000 l bags fitted with ferrules with ELPO plugs (size 1 and 2 inches). 5-20 l bags are filled on a roller table located directly under the dosing head. 200 l bags are filled in barrels and 1000 l bags are filled in box-pallets located on a roller conveyor.

The filling capacity is 200-5000 l/h. Products are dosed in two stages: rough and precise dosing with partially closed filler nozzle valve. When dosing is finished, steam is injected into the bag to push product residues to the bag and fill it with steam above the product.

The packing machine is constructed of stainless steel and its parts coming in contact with products are made of materials certified for this kind of contact (AISI 316L grade steel or Teflon).

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The ASEPTA head has a modular structure. It may be disassembled and assembled without the use of any tools. Individual parts are connected by means of a “bayonet” system or using quick disconnect couplings.

The head is equipped with an installation allowing for constant sterilisation of the chamber with steam, which guarantees:
• neutralisation of possible infection by maintaining high temperatures;
• overpressure securing against sucking air from the production hall.

The system of steam locks with controlled temperature (pressure) “aseptically” seals movable parts of mechanisms routed through the chamber walls. The head is equipped with the additional “microhead” to sterilise the bag valve before it is opened. The suction system continuously removes condensate from the head.


ASEPTA is equipped with measuring-controlling and operating components provided by leading manufacturers.

They include:

• electromagnetic flowmeter (Endress +Hauser or KROHNE);

• microprocessor controller (SIMATIC – SIEMENS);

• operator’s panel (SIEMENS);

• pneumatic system (FESTO);

• steam installation based on components provided by Spirax Sarco.