About the company

Packing equipment – BAG IN BOX technology
– manufacturer based in Lublin

Aseptic packaging

Welcome on our website devoted to the operation of a manufacturer of specialist packing machines based in Lublin. The BAG in BOX Wojciech Płocki company specialises in introducing packing equipment (Bag in Box technology) on the food processing industry market. The company’s business is based on over 20 years of experience in the field of aseptic packaging field and production of highest-quality professional equipment.

What is the scope of the BAG In BOX company operation?

• Creating designs of packing machines.
• Providing specialist expert opinions.
• Production on demand: standard packing machines, aseptic packing machines, Ultra Clean packing machines.

Our company’s Clients include mostly manufacturing plants producing liquid and semi-liquid products, i.e.: concentrates, whole egg pulp, food-grade oils, fruit and vegetable juice, wine, spring water. Packing machines operate mostly in fruit-vegetable processing plants, water bottling plants, wine bottling plants etc.

The machines comply with stringent process standards and restrictive safety standards. They are manufactured from highest-quality materials. The structure elements coming in direct contact with foodstuffs during the packing process are made from materials certified for this kind of contact.

See the detailed descriptions of packing machines provided on the following subpages. They contain general product characteristics, description of their purpose and operation, technical data and other necessary information. Be our guests!