1.220 UC packing machine


Manufacturer of packing machines based in Lublin

1.220 UC packing machine

The BAG In BoX company offers the 1.220 UC packing machine – a semi-automatic machine for packing liquid or semi-liquid foodstuffs. Products are packed in hygienic conditions, thanks to providing a special chamber called Ultra Clean.

The packing machine max. filling capacity is 3000 l/h in 5-20 l bags (120-180 cycles/h) with single-person operation. This depends on the operator’s efficiency, pressure and physical properties and packaging size. A vacuum packing machine is adapted to continuous mode operation. The packing machine is constructed of stainless steel and its parts coming in contact with foodstuffs are made of materials certified for this kind of contact (AISI 316L grade steel or Teflon).

Packing machine equipment:172010-1

• A packing machine can be equipped with various volumetric dosing equipment or tensometric weighing equipment that may be certified.
• Two-stage dosing valve.
• Head enclosure (Ultra Clean chamber) separating the packing space from the production hall environment.
• Installation supplying steam or gas to the inside of the head enclosure. It facilitates sterilisation by supplying steam or gas to the Ultra Clean chamber prior to commencing the packing and atmosphere modification cycle during the packing process. Generation of slight overpressure in the chamber protects against production hall air permeating into the chamber.
• Installation for injecting steam or gas (e.g. nitrogen) to a bag in order to generated required atmosphere for a packed product..
• VACUM installation used to suck air out from a bag before or after it is filled.
• Sterile nitrogen valve.
• Steam installation for sterlising the aseptic nitrogen valve.
• Roller table of adjustable inclination angle and height used to fill bags.
• Special tip fixed on the hose to connect a packing machine to a cleaning installation in the closed CIP system.
• Plug gripper for a given type of gripper.
• Adjustment to the Packed Goods Inspection system:
– RS485 port (in the cabinet);
– RS232C/485 communication module.
• Device with a funnel facilitating insertion of filled bags to cardboard boxes; customised for 10 l bags.
• Possibility of laboratory sampling (program option).
• For safety reasons, moving parts are protected with enclosures.
• Measurement-control and operation components provided by leading companies:
– measuring-dosing device: SIWAREX SIEMENS weighing system or KROHNE or Endress + Hauser flowmeter;
– SIMATIC S7 microprocessor controller;
– operator’s panel: SIMATIC HMI;
– FESTO pneumatics.


• Dimensions (HxWxL): 2400 mm x 1100 mm x 1100 mm
• Electric power supply: 1 x 220 V, 50 Hz – 0.5kW
• Pneumatic power supply: 6 bar

• Steam: 10-20 kg/h – 3 bar
• Filling pressure: 0,5 ÷ 2 bar
• Weight: approx. 200 kg